Monday, November 9, 2009

My Latest Addiction

Perhaps I take the screen name way too seriously because I keep running into and loving stuff like this. I wanted to share this delightfully delicious fledgeling product called Pirates Chai first off it is perhaps the only powdered chai that does not have milk powder in it so for that fact I was partly sold. Then on top of that it's a green tea chai but not just any green tea it's matcha! If that doesn't get you then let me tell you it's spicy but not masala spicy it's actually just right to balence with the potency of the matcha. They also keep the sugar low in this so if you need more you add it making this a perfect drink for those who like all the above.

Add roughly 1 Tbsp of the chai to 1 cup or more of milk and you are set! I mix it with my homemade almond milk and use an Aerolatte to make sure it's entirely mixed.
I get Pirates Chai at my local CoOp but for those out side of Santa Monica can order it online at and follow the paypal instructions at the bottom of the screen.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Halloween Festivities Part 2

Solace looking adorable in her Halloween Trick or Treat outfit which was a gift from grandma!

Over the weekend Jason's mom was in town and Solace was very happy to see her grandma and has proceeded to be super fussy after she left, it could be teething but I really think she misses her grandma ;)

So back on the Halloween stuffs, after the pumpkin carving we went to the Fall Fest put on by Mosaic. Unfortunately there was nothing there for Solace so I said hi to some friends, and we left to have dinner. After that we went to the West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval . I decided to go steam and wear my Damsel in This Dress Blue and Gold Peacock Tailed Vixen Corset.

Solace is wearing her evening costume to keep warm.
We didn't end up catching much of the shows because they were too loud for Solace but we did see some stunning costumes!

Masquerade Couple

The Torch and Pitch fork welding villagers ready to fight back against the monsters who have descended upon their lands. I didn't get a chance to get a good enough pic of the signs they had but the group was very clever.

This was a very creative and detailed costume I don't know if it's a porcupine or hedgehog but the spikes were individually made and went all the way down the back of this costume

Another very creative costume which reminds me of the Cephalopod Tea Party Blog that is currently having a giveaway which ends on Monday so swim over there and follow the blog!

Now time for some gratuitous robot shots:

After getting home from WEHO I had a craving for a Vincent Price movie so we watched the Pit and the Pendulum and then we called it a night, and a very god one indeed.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Festivities part 1

To start the Festivities on Solaces first Halloween we did some pumpkin carving and I let Solace play with the pumpkin guts which were some new and apparently unsettling textures for her.

Pics of the finished pumpkin

I decided to do this pumpkin on the fly, freehand style, it's a dragon eye. I used to draw some really fierce looking dragons back in the day, perhaps I should pull those out and show them sometime.