Thursday, January 5, 2012

F*ck it I'm back! I'm too ambitious for my own darn good

So the blog overhaul aint happening for a while, due to the fact that I have way too much stuff on my plate right now. Also the only thing that's really bugging me is the title banner being to the left instead of centered.
I will likely reformat this when my website is created and be warned that is going to be for my acting so it will have a different look and feel but I will still be posting the same sh*t I post.

On to Part two of this post...
My way to effing ambitious list:
Finish Avant Garde Personal Storage Device
Clear sewing projects, 3 pillows, kidlet clothing 7 items, Basket liners for my mom.
Design mask/outfit for Labyrinth Masquerade ball
Make SP Chimes
Finish Wall Clock Photograph to repro clock face
Photo and list at least 30 pieces for the online store.
Finish Leather Cuffs
Design Leather waist cincher
Learn Illustrator to design vectors for website

Thats all I can remember off the top of my head right now, but now tht its listed I can get a bit more organized and focused.