Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hell Froze Over

I am convinced that this happened because yesterday I made a ring and what is more surprising is that I want to make more.

Have you hugged a homeless person today?

Yes well yesterday I did, which kicked off the beginning of a day of awkward moments. While I was getting bead supplies a homeless guy walks into the store and starts asking for money which I promptly said Nope. Word of advice when dealing with the homeless try not to give money (unless they sell you something) but do offer food useful items and most of all speak with them as an equal human being they need their existence to be acknowledged.
Ok so back to the story the guy then asks for a hug which are always free and plentiful. So yes I gave the guy a hug why not?

After that Jason and I had to go help a buddy at the echo park film center which is an awesome place and organization. A little too much on the radical side of things but still an organization doing some great things. While being there a Jew walks in (yeah this sounds like a bad joke) and asks in an urgent if anyone there was Jewish the guy at the desk said "What?" kind of thrown off by a Jew in traditional Jewish dress was asking if there was a Jew in the house. So the guy at the desk goes to the back room and asks if anyone is Jewish and the reply to the Jewish gent at the door was a no.
Then after that Jason and I saw a pre-screening of Expelled at the DGA theatre with Ben Stein, the producers, and several of the scientists who appear in the film.
Expelled film review:
This is one of the best documentary's you will ever see and I say this just with the quality of the work. This really puts documentary's as something that should be seen in a theater rather then something on the discovery or history channel. There was striking attention to details in the film making, the intro titles are amazing and very creatively done, the camera work was done really well, editing and combination of the stock footage gathered and used was amazing.
With what the film is about Ben Stein really does play devils advocate in a purely innocent way playing against both sides in a long standing argument of Darwinism vs. Intelligent Design (This is NOT "Creationism" there is a difference which is made clear in the film), science, the current limitations of freedoms, and the Holocaust.
Ben Stein is a very witty, frank, and interesting person who pairs sneakers with nice suits.
End of review
Really I want to go off on a tangent right now about the movie but I will stay on the topic and not write a novel.
So after the screening there was a panel of Ben and the producers except one of the Scientists got up on the stage taking the seat of the main marketing guy. The scientist guy is a bit eccentric and talked a lot for someone who was not supposed to be on the stage. Yes awkward moment number three however, the scientist did have some brilliant views that were welcomed.

The Internets

do not look favorably upon me today =(

but I was able to get two new items listed on etsy in an hour and a half V_V.
It's 2:30 am so I'm going to retire and then write about the adventures and ackword situations of today well 2 and a half hours into yesterday.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Yesterday I walked three miles and I am sore! I will keep this brief as I have a mass amount of hair sticks to make,this is the season for them! But I have three necklaces to put up on Etsy, two earrings, and the hair sticks once they are finished setting. To compensate with the current demand the price of the simple spiked ones has been raised.
Back to work for me ^_^

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Out all day

Jason and I were out all day today first to find a replacement bulb for his car which was a bit of a wild goose chase to find since it's a, omg expensive, $115 zenon light bulb which needed to be replaced since we got a fix it ticket V_V.
After driving across the city in search of the allusive bulb we went to give an electric guitar to Damien an awesome hair stylist who we do trades with, mainly Jason takes care of his computer stuff and Damien does our hair but we've had the guitar sitting around unused so it just made sense. After a bit of lunch we went to look at less expensive even more gas efficient cars so we can save money on Jason's car payment. Speaking of gas efficient, Tesla Motors the fist American company to make a really nice fully electric sports car is getting close to opening their show room on Santa Monica Blvd off the 405 I want one but it's $100,000 just slightly out of our price range =P. Gah gas is getting so expensive, $50 to fill Jeepness' tank!

On to the art work update, yesterday I finished the painting for Mosaic and it can be seen on my flickr account. I have two pearl necklaces in the works, four pairs of hair sticks 3 spiked, 1 with the vintage Lucite flowers. I still have to get one necklace and two bracelets up on etsy. Also I didn't care much for the last pair of earrings to put up and I'm going to figure a different design for them.
My future plans are to do more paintings until more of the jewelry begins to sell, but I will most likely go the ACEO route to get me in to being more disciplined with my painting and perhaps even do a little every day.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I just cut myself scoring spikes for hair sticks so you can't say I don't put my blood sweat and tears into making these items =P Anyways the Hello Kitty bandage I put on it makes it all better.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Painting Finally! Sort of

I'm catching up on items and as I catch up I seem to be selling more. However I've finally got The Wind and the Rain giclee on canvas reproduction up on etsy. Which is the second item in the painting section yeay.
So today I painted at Mosaic I did not finish it and I sorta messed up which is something I really try to avoid doing, it's such an inconvenience! V_V Well since it's acrylic I can fix it easily, but it's something to be expected upon dabbling with a bit of a different technique. Gah how frustrating though!
Anywhoo, tomorrow I need to go pick up more hair stick supplies which are my best sellers so far. I have a broad spectrum of items I make so figuring out what people gravitate to the most so quickly is great!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Insomia Breeds ideas

Last night Jason my hubby went to go visit his ill grandmother in Pittsburgh and I hit up Mitsuwa Market for some seared albacore (excellent with grilled or fried onions and ponzu, which is soy sauce with lemon)and sake. Then I camped at home and watched anime(sushi+sake+anime = a relaxing night), and hit up the etsy forums into the wee hours of the morning until inspiration seeped into my brain. Its as if the dark of night had invoked a muse and the sudden urge had befallen upon me to create. And of that urge I did give creative birth to the Black Hearted Vamp necklace. Its simple it's elegant it's dark and based on the 1920's flapper/vamp style.
Actually I just did the focal point of it which is the chain tassel and heart and then I finished it when I woke up this morning. I spent a good 5 min of frustration chasing a piece of chain around to top of the heart in numerous failed attempts to close the chain ring to hide the sterling silver loop at the top of the heart and while in the process I was thinking of how my perfectionists stubbornness causes me grief and that I am a mad(as in insane) crafter to be putting myself through such frustration. I did get the chain ring finished and I love the look of the necklace I pray others will as well.

My goals for today are to get the 3 earrings I made while acting and the Black Hearted Vamp necklace up on etsy.

Friday, March 14, 2008


I just posted a dream catcher that I made in middle school. Making dreamcatchers was one of the first crafts I really did compulsively with my technique of tediously wrapping embroidery floss around he edge of a 5 in in diameter ring. Also it was the first things I made in custom colors and sold. I haven't made one since my freshmen year of High School but I still have plenty of supplies to make more which I may end up doing if the one posted sells fast. Well actually I should create more anyways because I have so much in supplies left over and I make them without the use of animal products. The dreamcatcher can be seen by clicking on the image below.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sales and other things

Last night I posted the Vegas Spikes and Dice hair sticks along with the Blossoming Cube(Grow Cube)hair sticks. The Blossoming hair sticks sold instantly and went along with the Crown Jewels. I pray that who they are going to really likes them and that they are throughly sturdy. Its something I fret about and this along with making sure that they get there alright of which makes me want to over package, which I prevent myself from doing constantly due to cost and environmental reasons.
Speaking of environmental stuff I have discovered the best vegan lunch meat-like item its a brand called Field Roast and the smoked tomato flavor is the best! I just got some today its so yum and I'm going to have some marshmallows after I have another slice of the Field Roast deli slices.

Back on creations I'm gonna use sculpy clay to make a pillow stand for Vamp and perhaps make some jewelry with it. I'm still slacking on painting but I will be painting on Sunday and that is a small canvas so It shall be finished in one sitting and that should help me get more motivation to paint. I'm also figuring on doing some mixed media paintings or going the ACEO route but we shall see.

Kieu's birthday is on the 17th I've got to get her a gift now what to get her...decisions desisions...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

2 Up and several more to go

Yesterday I was able to get the Princess bookmark and the Nightlight necklace up on etsy. The details on the items can be seen by clicking on their images

As of getting those items up I still have a giclee on canvas painting reproduction, one necklace, 3 earrings, 3 hair sticks, and a bracelet to post. Also with the meeting I had last night I will be painting at Mosaic, along with 4 to 5 other people, in the lobby on a unique project.
I've also forgot to mention that my photos have dramatically improved because of Kieutiepie's help in teaching me the ropes of doing the whole etsy thing, so I am very thankful for her and her help! Also Kieu's birthday is this week so don't forget to buy something from her!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fun Music Video Thinggy

This is a great program these people put together I am very impressed and more so that it is free!

Monday, March 10, 2008

What a weekend!

I had a fantastic birthday weekend thanks to my hubby, Kieu, Benson, and everyone else who came out to celebrate my birthday on Sat. Jason tricked me into thinking we were going for sushi and we went to this wonderful Moroccan place called Marrakesh. They had great food and belly dancers. One kept wiggleing at Kieu LOL.
Speaking of which Kieu made me a giant stfu Roboxunny with purple eyes and a a date stamp on its bottom! Also it has a pouch of which Kieu hid a necklace I love it and I have to color correct photos of it and post them on rauu! Benson got me an awesome box really it's a wine box but it's awesome oh yeah and there was some wine in it. Actually smoking loon and a really nice reserve desert wine. Jason got me devil may cry 4 oh the gaming goodness!
Vince and Mchelle made a beautiful bouquet of lilies and lavender roses and Damien the owner and hair artist of The Scene salon did my hair.

Sunday was interesting and the details can be seen on my flicker account by clicking on the pic below

Other than that we went to Madeleine Bistro which is the only place to find amazing French style vegan food and deserts. Then today I received marshmallow goodness! Of which was purchased from

Thursday, March 6, 2008


So I failed to follow my own restrictions of not making anymore items until I had caught up in posting all of the ones I had =}. However, it was for good reason, I needed something to keep me busy while doing volunteer extra work for my friends participating in the 168 hour film project, so I ended up making earrings... three pairs to be exact.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


This a failure of a hair stick concept. I tried to put a jeweled spacer rondelle in between the spike and the bare wooden hair stick however between the rondelle and the stick it was too flimsy even having a headpin down the middle of the hair stick. I could have tried to glue once more but it was already getting too messy in appearance, so the concept is now scrapped.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I'm feeling better today not 100% but I will get there eventually. I ordered marshmellows from CreationsbyChristina on etsy a full batch custom order of half strawberry and half coconut and it has me really pumped up about trying them! I really appreciate how she is concerned for the well beings of others and is more than willing to cater to dietary needs and even going a step beyond to confirm them.

Today I get to have my first giclee repro of the Wind and The Rain done and I should have that by Friday if I don't go out of town this weekend. I have 3 more bookmarks to put up on the site 2 pairs of hair sticks a dream catcher and one necklace.

Monday, March 3, 2008


I've been pretty depressed for the most part today I have to get items on Etsy but I've been flaking on it. Working on creating items at home is fine but for listing items doing descriptions and such is tough to do in the comfort of my living room. I'm also feeling overwhelmed by the amount of items I still need to list which seems to out weigh what I have up on Etsy right now. I still have those two paintings to finish, but the hair sticks are done and will get up sometime in the near future. This time seems to be hard on a lot of people Jason's business partner, for the tech stuff, lost his father and Jason's grandmother is not doing well either. Finances are bleak and I'm feeling worthless, my birthday is on Sat but it is meaningless in light of what is happening to those around me. I have started feeling better as the day has gone on I was able to hang out and chat with Tatyana and I want to do a video thing to promote her talents and in turn will help me with directing and editing.
I wish I had a gym pass usually a really hard workout gets me out of feeling this way but my EA peeps have not come through with it. Other than that I may have a large order for my "pirate's luck" necklaces, I wouldn't be making much on it but it's still something and well worth it. Other than that I have stuff going on for most of the week which is good but I will not be making any items until I'm caught up in getting everything I have now up on etsy, and the paintings are exempt from that rule.
Highlight of my day: Joining CAST on etsy