Saturday, March 29, 2008

Have you hugged a homeless person today?

Yes well yesterday I did, which kicked off the beginning of a day of awkward moments. While I was getting bead supplies a homeless guy walks into the store and starts asking for money which I promptly said Nope. Word of advice when dealing with the homeless try not to give money (unless they sell you something) but do offer food useful items and most of all speak with them as an equal human being they need their existence to be acknowledged.
Ok so back to the story the guy then asks for a hug which are always free and plentiful. So yes I gave the guy a hug why not?

After that Jason and I had to go help a buddy at the echo park film center which is an awesome place and organization. A little too much on the radical side of things but still an organization doing some great things. While being there a Jew walks in (yeah this sounds like a bad joke) and asks in an urgent if anyone there was Jewish the guy at the desk said "What?" kind of thrown off by a Jew in traditional Jewish dress was asking if there was a Jew in the house. So the guy at the desk goes to the back room and asks if anyone is Jewish and the reply to the Jewish gent at the door was a no.
Then after that Jason and I saw a pre-screening of Expelled at the DGA theatre with Ben Stein, the producers, and several of the scientists who appear in the film.
Expelled film review:
This is one of the best documentary's you will ever see and I say this just with the quality of the work. This really puts documentary's as something that should be seen in a theater rather then something on the discovery or history channel. There was striking attention to details in the film making, the intro titles are amazing and very creatively done, the camera work was done really well, editing and combination of the stock footage gathered and used was amazing.
With what the film is about Ben Stein really does play devils advocate in a purely innocent way playing against both sides in a long standing argument of Darwinism vs. Intelligent Design (This is NOT "Creationism" there is a difference which is made clear in the film), science, the current limitations of freedoms, and the Holocaust.
Ben Stein is a very witty, frank, and interesting person who pairs sneakers with nice suits.
End of review
Really I want to go off on a tangent right now about the movie but I will stay on the topic and not write a novel.
So after the screening there was a panel of Ben and the producers except one of the Scientists got up on the stage taking the seat of the main marketing guy. The scientist guy is a bit eccentric and talked a lot for someone who was not supposed to be on the stage. Yes awkward moment number three however, the scientist did have some brilliant views that were welcomed.

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