Monday, March 10, 2008

What a weekend!

I had a fantastic birthday weekend thanks to my hubby, Kieu, Benson, and everyone else who came out to celebrate my birthday on Sat. Jason tricked me into thinking we were going for sushi and we went to this wonderful Moroccan place called Marrakesh. They had great food and belly dancers. One kept wiggleing at Kieu LOL.
Speaking of which Kieu made me a giant stfu Roboxunny with purple eyes and a a date stamp on its bottom! Also it has a pouch of which Kieu hid a necklace I love it and I have to color correct photos of it and post them on rauu! Benson got me an awesome box really it's a wine box but it's awesome oh yeah and there was some wine in it. Actually smoking loon and a really nice reserve desert wine. Jason got me devil may cry 4 oh the gaming goodness!
Vince and Mchelle made a beautiful bouquet of lilies and lavender roses and Damien the owner and hair artist of The Scene salon did my hair.

Sunday was interesting and the details can be seen on my flicker account by clicking on the pic below

Other than that we went to Madeleine Bistro which is the only place to find amazing French style vegan food and deserts. Then today I received marshmallow goodness! Of which was purchased from

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