Friday, February 29, 2008


Jason's stealing my thunder! I start playing the harp then he hast to show me up by playing these technical piano pieces. I'm going to have to figure a way to up my stuff.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Whims and Musings

I want to do video blogging but I must devise a way to do this I could snag my hubby's compy for part of the day when he's not using it or I could do it the hard way and set up a camera and do all that stuff.
Anywhoo I'm here at the greatest coffee / tea place ever! The Funnel Mill. And they really know their stuff, for example: white tea should steep with mildly warm water or else it will burn the tea. They serve all of their drinks with a little snack of perfectly salted and roasted peanuts (had some with my coffe today) or these really unique green tea flavored pumpkin seeds with the teas. The prices are a tad high but with the pampering you get of having your drink served on a sliver platter or wooden tea thinggy and the snack it is really worth it! Also something weird that they do but is appreciated at the same time is you don't pay when you order you have to remember to pay when you leave. It's strange and kinda makes me paranoid that I'm going to forget to pay or what if other people forget to pay before they leave. However, I find it somewhat relaxing, less wasteful with receipts, and less of a hassle for them because I end up ordering several things when camping out the day here to work on writing or reading scripts.

So on to creations things that I'm working on right now and the stages they are in:
Vegas Spikes and Dice hairsticks nearly complete I need to finish tarnishing silver and I have to get that sulfur stuff - ummmm rotten egg smell!
Grow Cube influenced hairsticks =D I'm such a geek and these are nearly finished but I'm having conflicted views on how to complete them and I just got a new idea for them but it would take a while to get them done that way. So I think I'll stick with the original concept and do a variation later on.
Nightlight charity necklace Nearly done I have some adjustments to make and I need to figure out how to make it hang down right. Then I will post on the etsy forums to have people help out nightlight by buying charms and making jewelry from it. For more info got to:
Martire Golgotha version 1 This will be the last version of the martire out of the 16 gauge coated copper wire and I will be converting to the sterling silver with copper core and then to half hard silver wire when I have the money to buy it and some extra wire for Kieu ^_^
Duality - painting for charity Nearly done I have to perfect the lines then go over it with the lightening and darkening so that it is not so harsh on the eyes. This is the largest painting I've done so far and it has been more challenging than I thought it would be. I paint for Mosaic and I am very grateful to be doing it because I got me back into painting and has been an amazing resource of inspiration.
Broadcast painting Gah I'm such a lazy painter this is a painting I'm doing for myself and it is a great concept and not even close to done yet. I could really use an artist studio a nice gray concrete room with a window and internet access.
Lightning Strikes - Munny painting It's been gessoed and it's been guessoed for over a year =( I fail lazy.
Gears of the heart Heart on fire - Painting This is at the end of the concept stage where it has been finalized and sketched, next I start getting it on the canvas but this will not happen until I finish Boradcast.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Vamp the Vixen Queen and more!

Finally I have finished painting Vamp the Vixen Queen! She is this sultry eyed, purple and silver colored, steel spiked, jagged toothed, devil tailed, kitty! I have spent several months on and off working on painting her and in total it equates to roughly a week and a half. Now I am parading her around as a defeat of my recent painting epidemic of laziness. I very proud of how she turned out and I can only pray that the pics will do her justice when I post her on etsy. I don't want to let her go but I don't have room for hording my creations any longer, there's really no point to my work if I cannot share it with others.
After reveling in my triumph of completing this piece of art pictures will be taken and she will go to another loving home =P.
In the meantime I have created a beautiful set of bookmarks with filigreed silken tassels and I created my first chain tassel, it was a pain in the butt to make but my persistence by forging through the frustration paid off! Those should be posted by the end of the day today because Kieu and I both spent over forty dollars on supplies =/ yesterday.

I now conquer the!

My first post here! I'm so happy, I congratulated myself, gave me a pat on the back, and a high five =P