Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bleak - A Rant

Well I'm laying low for a bit I just feel creatively blegh and a little preggo sick still =/ which I'm going to see someone about or I may just get acupuncture if it can be afforded. But my sales are doing terrible right now, and it sorta spurns on the blaghness, because I do take pride in my work by making sure things meet my high demand of quality. However, I guess most of my skills are going towards culinary delights of which I will be serving to my mother tomorrow who is to be home on crutches for two weeks. Also some of this blaghness could just be from pregnancy stuff with the crazy hormonal imbalances and such.
I'm also pretty sad right now because I have no halloween costume and I love dressing up =(. I also can't wear my default victorian/steampunkish costume because corsets and being 4 months pregnant don't mix unless you can find or afford to have an authentic preggo corset made. Though what I really wanted to do for this year was master the art of wearing a real kimono with a tied obi, which can be bough at the massive Marukai, but sadly that will have to wait because of a lack of sales =(.
Anyways to end this on a good note I did my first yelp review today on Funnel Mill you can click here to see it.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Aloha goodbye

Jason and I arrived safely in LAX at 8am thins morning (redeye flights For The Win) with my left ankle(which has two metal screws in it) painful and swollen =/ I slept most of the way home so I didn't move my legs around as I should have which can cause blood clotting while being pregnant because of the increased blood flow. Right now my ankle is elevated and I'll see if it improves over night if not I get a field trip to the Doc tomorrow =(
My time in Hawaii was great and crappy as well. For some reason my body does not like Hawaiian food even if it is vegan =/ but I did alright with veggie sushi(ume shiso and natto rolls are a new obsession since albacore is out for now) which unfortunate for me was not really near where Jason and I were staying (which was at my brother's house). Other then that being pregnant puts a damper on things while Jason was out partying with the bridal party and other wedding guests I was at my brother's place reading The Graveyard Book. So needless to say I didn't get any quality with my husband(besides sleeping) because we had to be chauffeured by someone since we didn't rent a car =( which was a bad idea at times. But the one fun thing I was able to do besides walking around and shopping on a super tight budget was snorkeling and finding a sea turtle which was great and there's a whole back story with that and my first trip to Hawaii when I was 5.
The main highlight of the trip was my brother's wedding. Which I must say was beautiful and Lindsey (my new sister) looked very lovey They rented a beautiful beach house for the bridal party and the ceremony which worked out really well and made things a lot of fun. There was a threat of rain which actually passed before the ceremony and high winds which worked to give the wedding a mystical appearance with Lindsey's veil flowing elegantly with it. Most of all with this trip it was great to be able to know Lindsey more and meet her great family and their friends as well. It's always great to see most of the family gathered together and I was able to meet my Uncle Dee (my aunt Teresa just re-married a year or two ago) and other family members I don't get to see that often. Although the wedding guest list was small(because the trip to Hawaii is expensive) I personally thought and felt that things were more meaningful families joined together as if they always were, new friends were made and everything that meant the most worked out beautifully.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Uneventful Appointment

We did not find out if the baby is a boy or a girl today as things were rushed at the obgyn office because of the delay in the Dr's arrival so all we got today was paper work for more blood tests(which I need to take in 2 weeks) and to hear the baby's heart beat(sounded like a techno beat to me). So no new pics as there was not time for the ultrasound =/ but in 4 weeks we will find out the details ;)
In other news I finished my brother's cuff links and I think I shall make more like them since I have not come across anyone else making ones like these. Also for the time being I shall not reveal them until I make a second pair because I want something in my shop so people won't harass me to make them a pair =P Anyways I pray that he likes them and that they will fit well as they are a bit on the large and odd shape side. Jason gave me the thumbs up on them so I shall trust his opinion.
In other news I will be in Hawaii for my bro's wedding this week, and we leave early weds morning and we will be back late on Sunday. I still need to update my shop announcement and stuff but that is all for now.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Last Night

I was able to attend the Graveyard Book tour here in Santa Monica it was a fun and unique event which started out with a Vincent Price impersonator, who did an ok job but I was most pleased that he mentioned Vincent Price's cookbooks of which there are two, one of which I own and is worth $100 ^_^. But back on the details of the event Neil Gaiman then read a portion of the 7th chapter of the book. Along the tour he has been reading a chapter starting from the beginning to the end which is available online you can find the links through his website http://www.neilgaiman.com/. after the reading clips of the Coraline movie were shown and it looks great he choose to have it done in claymation and it will be shown in theaters using the new 3d technology. After that was the Q&A, of which no question is treated like a dumb question and he answered them with complete sincerity and wit.
One of the many admirable things about Gaiman is that during the Q&A section he mentioned how he packages his own scripts (packaging means he chooses and attaches a director most likely some of the actors as well to the script).
After the Q&A he gave a reading of a prayer/poem that he wrote for Tori Amos when she was pregnant it's called Blueberry Girl and he saw it in print for the first time at one of his stops during this tour. It's a really lovely poem and I want a copy of it being pregnant and all ^_~
Needless to say it was a great event, Neil Gaiman was as charismatic as usual and to be expected, and I purchased a signed copy of the book the perfect Oct read.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Yeay for sales which helps quite a bit so I can now get at least some alginate, which by the way is an enviro friendly non toxic mold making compound that is derived from seaweed. Which I will be using to remake wax versions of my hair sticks. I was also thinking of making a new mask for Halloween using the alginate, I found a tutorial on www.artmolds.com (where I will be purchasing my alginate from) which is an amazing website for casting stuff and its making me get a bit too ambitious. My ambitions get me into trouble by making my Wenchie etsy shop too eclectic =/

Friday, October 3, 2008

There is a lack of

Sales V_V nothing has moved this week I still have a bunch to list but I'm being lazy about it because I'm not feeling the love. But! I am however not puking! Second trimester here I come!
So this week I've had a bit of a problem because no sales = no supplies to finish these unique ambitious creations I have floating about. One of the most frustrating things is the fact that I never got the molds for the hair sticks I made for the lost wax class which has set me back quite a bit in time and more so in money since I need to buy some sort of mold making material to make another wax casting of the originals. The hair sticks I make have always been decent sellers but the wood bases in my area have run out and it looks like they are unable to get more of the same type =/ that's why I'm making my own but out of metal. I was able to track some down online but I need money to get them.
Rant session is over
Other then feeling better and not puking I was able to deal in some culinary arts by making some delicious Vegan Banana Bread with Pecans and the ultimate Vegan Breakfast Sandwich (hash browns, grilled tofu patty, soy cheese, and tempeh bacon between two slices of toasted whole wheat bread)
Also I've discovered that I'm officially off of gaming hiatus I can enjoy playing video/computer games again it feels so good to be back in the habit, I miss you Guild Wars!^_^

Here's the latest creation the Moon Bat I will try to get it up this evening: