Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fascinating !

Lately I've felt inspired to make a few things and I bought supplies (on etsy of course because I'm not going anywhere with how bad I've been feeling) to facilitate my inspiration instead of unpacking and organizing the supplies I have currently. Which I must say is bad but I do have to dig through my supply swamp for some bits but that still fails to get it organized. Anyways I made a little steampunk Halloween pendant pics will be posted once it's in my shop, and I am making a pair of cuff links for my brother which will have a bit of a military flare since he's in the navy I just pray that they are not too big because they will be on the larger side for cuff links.

Now for the Fascinating part since I'm going to Hawaii for my brother's wedding on Oct 16th to the 19th I've been doing research on what I can actually do while I'm out there being prematurely pregnant and all, as Jason and I were actually going to work on getting me pregnant while in Hawaii. Back on to the topic at hand, what can I do while in Hawaii? The only thing that came to my mind as safe was snorkeling so I thoroughly researched it and came across and interesting article that said this about dolphins click on the text for the link,"Using echolocation, similar to an ultrasound, a dolphin can tell that a woman is pregnant, and anecdotal evidence suggests dolphins may pay more attention to pregnant swimmers." I had no idea that dolphins would be able to detect that. They are some crazy little critters! So really besides eating, light walking, and snorkeling/swimming there isn't much else I can do no surfing no kayaking no parasailing, no rides on power boats, ect ect ect. Right now I just keep praying for the "morning" sickness to leave me be.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I'm still dealing with the morning sickness =( supposedly later this week as I enter week 14 of pregnancy it should be over... I pray the vomming will be over! So enough whining, I found out yesterday that as I'm at the beginning of the second trimester of pregnancy that I should not be sleeping on my back as the weighted uterus can block crucial blood vessels to the baby and lower my blood pressure. I found this out while trying to find some at home exercises I can do that are preggo safe, upon looking up sit ups or crunches this is what I came across Click Here

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sorry for the delay

My computer was exiled from the internets for a span of several days per order of the hubby and I had to lobby to get them back on. (Actually the hubby was trying to make the wireless more secure and take care of other issues) On top of that the all day "morning sickness" decided to rear its ugly stomach angering head once again. But other then that there really are no other excuses besides that I'm a lazy blog neglector. Blog neglect is a serious crime and should not be taken lightly =(

Now for the update

That's the new ultrasound pic that was taken last week at 11 weeks along. Although you can only really see in the pic that the little one is bigger in the ultrasound we could see it's fully formed hands and feet if which it was using to do the Curly shoulder spin or rug spin which was really cute and entertaining and even the obgyn was surprised at the little ones vitality. As of yet the sex cannot be determined but on the next appointment which is right before Jason and I leave for Hawaii for my brother's wedding. Of which I need to make him some cuff links as a late b-day present.

Which brings me to the last part of the update which is with my creations. From the move my crafting supplies are still in disarray so not many new things will be made except for this one as I have catching up to do on getting completed items that have been floating around for a while listed. Then I get more items up in the supply shop and make more sales before I leave in Oct.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Back in business!

The move is finished and things are still being sorted out and put in their places but the best thing is that I can get back to making and selling things =D I have some really exciting projects to finish up as I got the last components for them arrived right before the move so I'm really looking forward to getting back to these secret little accessories I'm creating.

Other then that the new apt is great so Jason and I have the second bedroom as his office/my mad crafting space. However this place has its little quarks which I have decided is a subtle homage to the Winchester House. What exactly are the quarks? Well they mainly deal with the sliding glass doors out to the balcony. The word "doors" is not a typo as there are two that slide into each other where as there is usually only one that slides, and the other side is a glass panel. So to aid in this confusion the screen door is on the wrong sliding glass door because there is no space for it on the side that it is on. Lastly to make things more complicated there are no handles on the outside of either of the sliding glass doors so getting back in is complicated to say the least (yes I almost closed myself out on the balcony). Needless to say things like this highly amuse me, but I will fix the screen door and the handle dilemma. There are also other subtle mistakes in this place but they can be easily taken care of by me and are not as amusing as the sliding glass doors.

Tomorrow I go in for my second obgyn appt to check on the baby so another ultrasound should be done tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Moving Mayhem and the Aftermath

After much packing last week Sat was the truck rental and the big move. We kidnapped a mexican from U-haul who was the √úbermensch in disguise as he carried very large and very heavy items with ease for his slender build. In addition to that he was a hard core motivator who showed us what lazy and weak Americans we are (like little kittens, or girly men) of course that didn't apply to me as I'm in Preggo Exempt status and we were sure pay him very well for the torture of our moving hell. I would highly recommend kidnapping this particular mexican if you are in the Santa Monica area as he totally kicked our butts and did a super fine job and speaks fluent english, however I can't remember his name but he is out at the U-haul on Lincoln daily so I'll have to ask him for a refresh on that.
So during that George and Lori came over to help with packing and Lori busted out the nightmare of a kitchen.(I cook nearly every day so there's a lot of stuff and its usually dirty because Jason doesn't help with doing dishes, a problem that will be resolved with mister dishwasher machine). So continuing with the move we still had a bunch of stuff to pack and no boxes so I had to put items away in the new place to free up the boxage. Sunday rolled around and we had Benson help us out as there were still a ton of boxes. Our ex-neighbor to be (the nicest neighbor, and I'm not being sarcastic) commented that it was "the move that never ends" and she certainly was right! I one bedroom apartment was packed like one of those mini clown cars where 50 clowns come out when it seems only one midget should fit in it, or more like how Jesus fed five thousand with five loaves of bread and two fish.
At the end of Sunday we still had more stuff to move which was completed on monday with a huge pile of stuff (clothes electronics pretty little things ect ect ect) for Salvation Home Pickup to take seriously it was huge and I should've taken pics. The salvation army gents came over this morning to take the items they would have taken a lot less (only the items that you call them to take) but I played the preggo card without meaning to and they took most of it cause they were cool peoples. Alright the next course of action is getting the rest of the stuff out which was a 16mm projector, weights, coat rack, desk, bookshelf, and a computer monitor. The only things that are left are the desk and bookshelf and they will go to the street for someone to feel like they are stealing but they are really free.
Anywhoo we have a cleaning crew coming over to the old place tomorrow to bust out the dust and fur (it's such a mess OMG) but the moral of the story is don't horde useless s*it.

Oh and we don't get the internets set up at our new place till Saturday so Jason and I have been leaching off of Funnel Mill which should have closed an hour ago but they are so kind that they stay open for us lame people who keep them here an hour past closing, seriously this place is the Heaven to our moving hell.