Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fascinating !

Lately I've felt inspired to make a few things and I bought supplies (on etsy of course because I'm not going anywhere with how bad I've been feeling) to facilitate my inspiration instead of unpacking and organizing the supplies I have currently. Which I must say is bad but I do have to dig through my supply swamp for some bits but that still fails to get it organized. Anyways I made a little steampunk Halloween pendant pics will be posted once it's in my shop, and I am making a pair of cuff links for my brother which will have a bit of a military flare since he's in the navy I just pray that they are not too big because they will be on the larger side for cuff links.

Now for the Fascinating part since I'm going to Hawaii for my brother's wedding on Oct 16th to the 19th I've been doing research on what I can actually do while I'm out there being prematurely pregnant and all, as Jason and I were actually going to work on getting me pregnant while in Hawaii. Back on to the topic at hand, what can I do while in Hawaii? The only thing that came to my mind as safe was snorkeling so I thoroughly researched it and came across and interesting article that said this about dolphins click on the text for the link,"Using echolocation, similar to an ultrasound, a dolphin can tell that a woman is pregnant, and anecdotal evidence suggests dolphins may pay more attention to pregnant swimmers." I had no idea that dolphins would be able to detect that. They are some crazy little critters! So really besides eating, light walking, and snorkeling/swimming there isn't much else I can do no surfing no kayaking no parasailing, no rides on power boats, ect ect ect. Right now I just keep praying for the "morning" sickness to leave me be.

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