Friday, October 3, 2008

There is a lack of

Sales V_V nothing has moved this week I still have a bunch to list but I'm being lazy about it because I'm not feeling the love. But! I am however not puking! Second trimester here I come!
So this week I've had a bit of a problem because no sales = no supplies to finish these unique ambitious creations I have floating about. One of the most frustrating things is the fact that I never got the molds for the hair sticks I made for the lost wax class which has set me back quite a bit in time and more so in money since I need to buy some sort of mold making material to make another wax casting of the originals. The hair sticks I make have always been decent sellers but the wood bases in my area have run out and it looks like they are unable to get more of the same type =/ that's why I'm making my own but out of metal. I was able to track some down online but I need money to get them.
Rant session is over
Other then feeling better and not puking I was able to deal in some culinary arts by making some delicious Vegan Banana Bread with Pecans and the ultimate Vegan Breakfast Sandwich (hash browns, grilled tofu patty, soy cheese, and tempeh bacon between two slices of toasted whole wheat bread)
Also I've discovered that I'm officially off of gaming hiatus I can enjoy playing video/computer games again it feels so good to be back in the habit, I miss you Guild Wars!^_^

Here's the latest creation the Moon Bat I will try to get it up this evening:

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