Monday, October 13, 2008

Uneventful Appointment

We did not find out if the baby is a boy or a girl today as things were rushed at the obgyn office because of the delay in the Dr's arrival so all we got today was paper work for more blood tests(which I need to take in 2 weeks) and to hear the baby's heart beat(sounded like a techno beat to me). So no new pics as there was not time for the ultrasound =/ but in 4 weeks we will find out the details ;)
In other news I finished my brother's cuff links and I think I shall make more like them since I have not come across anyone else making ones like these. Also for the time being I shall not reveal them until I make a second pair because I want something in my shop so people won't harass me to make them a pair =P Anyways I pray that he likes them and that they will fit well as they are a bit on the large and odd shape side. Jason gave me the thumbs up on them so I shall trust his opinion.
In other news I will be in Hawaii for my bro's wedding this week, and we leave early weds morning and we will be back late on Sunday. I still need to update my shop announcement and stuff but that is all for now.

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