Monday, October 20, 2008

Aloha goodbye

Jason and I arrived safely in LAX at 8am thins morning (redeye flights For The Win) with my left ankle(which has two metal screws in it) painful and swollen =/ I slept most of the way home so I didn't move my legs around as I should have which can cause blood clotting while being pregnant because of the increased blood flow. Right now my ankle is elevated and I'll see if it improves over night if not I get a field trip to the Doc tomorrow =(
My time in Hawaii was great and crappy as well. For some reason my body does not like Hawaiian food even if it is vegan =/ but I did alright with veggie sushi(ume shiso and natto rolls are a new obsession since albacore is out for now) which unfortunate for me was not really near where Jason and I were staying (which was at my brother's house). Other then that being pregnant puts a damper on things while Jason was out partying with the bridal party and other wedding guests I was at my brother's place reading The Graveyard Book. So needless to say I didn't get any quality with my husband(besides sleeping) because we had to be chauffeured by someone since we didn't rent a car =( which was a bad idea at times. But the one fun thing I was able to do besides walking around and shopping on a super tight budget was snorkeling and finding a sea turtle which was great and there's a whole back story with that and my first trip to Hawaii when I was 5.
The main highlight of the trip was my brother's wedding. Which I must say was beautiful and Lindsey (my new sister) looked very lovey They rented a beautiful beach house for the bridal party and the ceremony which worked out really well and made things a lot of fun. There was a threat of rain which actually passed before the ceremony and high winds which worked to give the wedding a mystical appearance with Lindsey's veil flowing elegantly with it. Most of all with this trip it was great to be able to know Lindsey more and meet her great family and their friends as well. It's always great to see most of the family gathered together and I was able to meet my Uncle Dee (my aunt Teresa just re-married a year or two ago) and other family members I don't get to see that often. Although the wedding guest list was small(because the trip to Hawaii is expensive) I personally thought and felt that things were more meaningful families joined together as if they always were, new friends were made and everything that meant the most worked out beautifully.

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