Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bleak - A Rant

Well I'm laying low for a bit I just feel creatively blegh and a little preggo sick still =/ which I'm going to see someone about or I may just get acupuncture if it can be afforded. But my sales are doing terrible right now, and it sorta spurns on the blaghness, because I do take pride in my work by making sure things meet my high demand of quality. However, I guess most of my skills are going towards culinary delights of which I will be serving to my mother tomorrow who is to be home on crutches for two weeks. Also some of this blaghness could just be from pregnancy stuff with the crazy hormonal imbalances and such.
I'm also pretty sad right now because I have no halloween costume and I love dressing up =(. I also can't wear my default victorian/steampunkish costume because corsets and being 4 months pregnant don't mix unless you can find or afford to have an authentic preggo corset made. Though what I really wanted to do for this year was master the art of wearing a real kimono with a tied obi, which can be bough at the massive Marukai, but sadly that will have to wait because of a lack of sales =(.
Anyways to end this on a good note I did my first yelp review today on Funnel Mill you can click here to see it.


Fatal Attraction said...

Ah sweet gurl....just you wait until you have a leetle one to dress for Halloween. This present miasma will be but a distant dream.

Take good care of yourself - do something wonderful just for yourself - we don't want our wenchie down for long.

Wenchie said...

Yeah I can't wait to dress him or her up in some adorable costume ^_^ but good thing is that I'm starting to snap out of it so I look forward to getting back to creating and listing items. Thanks for the wonderful comment!