Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Getting the Blagh out

Well actually I've been getting out more often and spending time with friends which has been a great help in getting my sanity back on track. I've also been baking a lot more, which tends to happen around this time because pumpkins are in season. Along with the baking I've been thinking about offering some of these goodies in my shop such as vegan and gluten free pumpkin chocolate chip cookies which is an option that no one is offering on etsy at the moment and to my surprise these are being well received by non vegans and non gluten free people.
I have lots to do such as repairing my mother's(in-law)necklace, painting, gearing up for the holidays and an opportunity to sell at a consignment shop. However these things are still on hold for the time being as I'm not back to 100 percent yet but I anticipate that I will be soon.

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