Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sales and other things

Last night I posted the Vegas Spikes and Dice hair sticks along with the Blossoming Cube(Grow Cube)hair sticks. The Blossoming hair sticks sold instantly and went along with the Crown Jewels. I pray that who they are going to really likes them and that they are throughly sturdy. Its something I fret about and this along with making sure that they get there alright of which makes me want to over package, which I prevent myself from doing constantly due to cost and environmental reasons.
Speaking of environmental stuff I have discovered the best vegan lunch meat-like item its a brand called Field Roast and the smoked tomato flavor is the best! I just got some today its so yum and I'm going to have some marshmallows after I have another slice of the Field Roast deli slices.

Back on creations I'm gonna use sculpy clay to make a pillow stand for Vamp and perhaps make some jewelry with it. I'm still slacking on painting but I will be painting on Sunday and that is a small canvas so It shall be finished in one sitting and that should help me get more motivation to paint. I'm also figuring on doing some mixed media paintings or going the ACEO route but we shall see.

Kieu's birthday is on the 17th I've got to get her a gift now what to get her...decisions desisions...

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