Sunday, March 16, 2008

Painting Finally! Sort of

I'm catching up on items and as I catch up I seem to be selling more. However I've finally got The Wind and the Rain giclee on canvas reproduction up on etsy. Which is the second item in the painting section yeay.
So today I painted at Mosaic I did not finish it and I sorta messed up which is something I really try to avoid doing, it's such an inconvenience! V_V Well since it's acrylic I can fix it easily, but it's something to be expected upon dabbling with a bit of a different technique. Gah how frustrating though!
Anywhoo, tomorrow I need to go pick up more hair stick supplies which are my best sellers so far. I have a broad spectrum of items I make so figuring out what people gravitate to the most so quickly is great!

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