Monday, March 3, 2008


I've been pretty depressed for the most part today I have to get items on Etsy but I've been flaking on it. Working on creating items at home is fine but for listing items doing descriptions and such is tough to do in the comfort of my living room. I'm also feeling overwhelmed by the amount of items I still need to list which seems to out weigh what I have up on Etsy right now. I still have those two paintings to finish, but the hair sticks are done and will get up sometime in the near future. This time seems to be hard on a lot of people Jason's business partner, for the tech stuff, lost his father and Jason's grandmother is not doing well either. Finances are bleak and I'm feeling worthless, my birthday is on Sat but it is meaningless in light of what is happening to those around me. I have started feeling better as the day has gone on I was able to hang out and chat with Tatyana and I want to do a video thing to promote her talents and in turn will help me with directing and editing.
I wish I had a gym pass usually a really hard workout gets me out of feeling this way but my EA peeps have not come through with it. Other than that I may have a large order for my "pirate's luck" necklaces, I wouldn't be making much on it but it's still something and well worth it. Other than that I have stuff going on for most of the week which is good but I will not be making any items until I'm caught up in getting everything I have now up on etsy, and the paintings are exempt from that rule.
Highlight of my day: Joining CAST on etsy

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