Saturday, March 15, 2008

Insomia Breeds ideas

Last night Jason my hubby went to go visit his ill grandmother in Pittsburgh and I hit up Mitsuwa Market for some seared albacore (excellent with grilled or fried onions and ponzu, which is soy sauce with lemon)and sake. Then I camped at home and watched anime(sushi+sake+anime = a relaxing night), and hit up the etsy forums into the wee hours of the morning until inspiration seeped into my brain. Its as if the dark of night had invoked a muse and the sudden urge had befallen upon me to create. And of that urge I did give creative birth to the Black Hearted Vamp necklace. Its simple it's elegant it's dark and based on the 1920's flapper/vamp style.
Actually I just did the focal point of it which is the chain tassel and heart and then I finished it when I woke up this morning. I spent a good 5 min of frustration chasing a piece of chain around to top of the heart in numerous failed attempts to close the chain ring to hide the sterling silver loop at the top of the heart and while in the process I was thinking of how my perfectionists stubbornness causes me grief and that I am a mad(as in insane) crafter to be putting myself through such frustration. I did get the chain ring finished and I love the look of the necklace I pray others will as well.

My goals for today are to get the 3 earrings I made while acting and the Black Hearted Vamp necklace up on etsy.

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