Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Out all day

Jason and I were out all day today first to find a replacement bulb for his car which was a bit of a wild goose chase to find since it's a, omg expensive, $115 zenon light bulb which needed to be replaced since we got a fix it ticket V_V.
After driving across the city in search of the allusive bulb we went to give an electric guitar to Damien an awesome hair stylist who we do trades with, mainly Jason takes care of his computer stuff and Damien does our hair but we've had the guitar sitting around unused so it just made sense. After a bit of lunch we went to look at less expensive even more gas efficient cars so we can save money on Jason's car payment. Speaking of gas efficient, Tesla Motors the fist American company to make a really nice fully electric sports car is getting close to opening their show room on Santa Monica Blvd off the 405 I want one but it's $100,000 just slightly out of our price range =P. Gah gas is getting so expensive, $50 to fill Jeepness' tank!

On to the art work update, yesterday I finished the painting for Mosaic and it can be seen on my flickr account. I have two pearl necklaces in the works, four pairs of hair sticks 3 spiked, 1 with the vintage Lucite flowers. I still have to get one necklace and two bracelets up on etsy. Also I didn't care much for the last pair of earrings to put up and I'm going to figure a different design for them.
My future plans are to do more paintings until more of the jewelry begins to sell, but I will most likely go the ACEO route to get me in to being more disciplined with my painting and perhaps even do a little every day.

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