Monday, August 10, 2009


Which also goes by:
Alaska Silver
Albata Metal

Have you seen any of these stamped inside those beautiful silver colored watch cases? Do you know exactly what it is you are getting with this case?

First let me clear up some confusion with the naming convention that are used with some of these cases, these are not comprised of silver and do not contain any silver what so ever the were intended to be a bit misleading but overall describe the color of the case which is silver colored.
The cases are a mixed metal which is commonly know as Nickel silver or German silver and are actually a mix of nickel, copper, manganese alloy, and sometimes zinc. Each case manufacture varied the amounts of these chemical elements slightly and then obtained a patent for their slight variations, thus having different names due to the patent.

Also don't misjudge one of these cases on being compromised by mixed elements as these cases are highly sought after because they are tough to tarnish and scratch, click here for an example of one that was recently sold from my supply shop.

For more information on the history of Nickle Silver see this page on Wikipedia.

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