Thursday, December 17, 2009

V_V Blagh Update

I'm tired exhausted, stressed, and low on the esteem front, I'm also so behind on posting things to etsy and my blog. I've been busting my ass on trying to keep this place clean and care for a little one who is teething and making me feel her pain. It's tough it sucks, and I'm exhausted as The husband was practically gone for 2 and a half weeks one a business trip, then being completely busy that he might as well have been gone when he came back and then another trip for half of this week. Being a mommy is more demanding and more stressful then a full time job because it's basically working 16 hours a day. Anyways not all is bad I've been making sales which is good but hardly enough to leverage me giving myself a pat on the back. Also Jason and I had a weekend escapade in the mountains for our 5th anniversary but the busy-ness is not done yet as the whole apartment needs to be rearranged and I still have to get my work area, that has gone beyond my usual organized chaos to utter chaos, organized. I also have no idea as to what to do about Christmas gifts this year as time and funds do not exist.

I need a full day to just shutdown crash out without disturbance, but instead I'm shutting off my brain and playing Dragon Age as a way to escape reality for a bit.


Hyla said...

I feel your pain.

. c h o k l i t . said...

Hang in there Wenchie! xoxo

Victoria said...

I meant what I said about caring for your little one next week. Just let me know!

Wenchie said...

Hyla you are a much stronger woman then I!

Choklit, I will do

Victoria, Sounds like a plan

Thank you all for being here for me, I appreciate it

ArtSnark said...

Popping by with good holiday wishes!

My little guy is 6 now but I do remember the teething (& colic) too well. Hang in there... it really does get easier as they get older