Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Brix is a Jerk!

Pirate Brix
Originally uploaded by ye wenchie

Yes the terror of the high seas (household) created quite a commotion on his luxurious and relaxing vacation at the California Cat Center, while Jason and I were off in New York celebrating our mother's birthday (actually my mother-in-law but she awesome so I prefer to drop the in-law part) and that I'm pregnant.
So back on the terror for the first time he decided to attack a woman for the first time at the Cat Center and bit her pretty dang hard too I'm very thankful that she did not have to get stitches but Brix has reached infamous bastard status and did this for no apparent reason either. So I need to contact his previous owner and try to get his vaccination records =/ that poor woman. He has bitten and is usually only aggressive with men so this really sucks and there are a ton of health concerns for being bitten by a cat as they harbor some very harmful bacteria ect in their mouths, but the owners of the California Cat Center are very gracious women and are willing to give him one more chance at the original Van Nuys location. Of course he had to be reported to the state as with any aggressive animal and we have to do a rabies quarantine on him.

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