Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I will get some items up in both of my shops this week I have been feeling exhausted and blagh because of being pregnant but supposedly this should be subsiding soon. I've also been busy with the pregnancy stuff trying to find a ob-gyn that is more holistic minded which sadly is tough to find. Today I spent the day cleaning the stove. I cook almost every night and it hasn't been cleaned for well over a year so it was quite a mess. Also I cleaned the bathroom which I didn't even finish before feeling extreamly exhausted because I don't have an adequate brush for cleaning out the grout as I have an old tooth brush that I've re-purposed for cleaning.
I also had a great chat with Kieu today and we whined at each other for about an hour =P.
Other good news is that I have items back from the lost wax technique class and I'm working on finishing them to a nice mirrored polish before I post pics of them ^_^

I also need to begin getting super serious about the business side of things and keeping precise track of expenses and such which I am terrible at, such is the burden of the artist =(.

Other news is that Jason and I may be moving within the end of this month to a two bedroom place so I have a bunch of items to try to sell and get packed organized ect.
I'm so busy for feeling like I'm not doing much. I hate having my shop upkeep prowess thrown off by this =/

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