Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Crunch time

This is a point in time when my ambitious nature gets the best of me because I'm actually acting on things and this is sheer trouble. However, I am managing to focus on one thing at a time so things are actually getting accomplished. On today's ambitious agenda I have to run to the grocery store to get the rest of the ingredients for the gluten free vegan cookies to bake, I have around 15 items on stand by waiting for the industrial glue finishing and this needs to be done before the 3pm which is the Santa Monica new mommies and preggos group meet up. After that I need to head to home depot and get the metal rod and wood rosette to create a base for the acrylic ring/bracelet display for thursday (<---ambitious). Then I need to find time to figure out illustrator and create my logo(<--- insanely ambitious) so I can then print them out on the photo sheets and cut them for business cards. On top of that I need to list the ingredients for the vegan pumpkin bread and vegan cookies cut those suckers out and get them on the packaging which I still need to get food grade cellophane from Surfas to seal the cookies in and I might as well get a display for samples of the pumpkin bread and cookies too. The time is now 11:40 I need to crack the whip!

Also I haven't been farting around this morning I had a somewhat pointless obgyn appointment with the male dr where I'm sitting around for 30 minutes then get the blood pressure test, pee in a cup, the dr checks the babies heart beat only to say everything's good which takes a whole 8 minutes, also this was with the male dr who is the partner of my usual obgyn and I don't care for him at all I can't wait to jump that ship and finalize the hiring of my midwife. Jason is getting hung up on the budgeting details and I'm just like f*ck it this is more then just money to me this is my peace for the delivery and health of our child.

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