Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm a bad blogger

The holiday season was wonderful and I promptly became sick when the in-laws left. Anyways I've made my first purchases (well one is a trade) from Etsy for the baby! I'm really super excited as I'm getting wall decals from shanon1972 aka ShaNickers and a lovely hand knit cap from MostFavoriteAunt.

Other then that my laptop is dead until I get a new power cable or strip and reconnect the broken section. =( so my overall writing and new additions to the shop have dwindled because I'm tied to a desk top and I don't have my notes ect. So that makes things a bit harder to deal with. On top of that my car is being poopy I had to get the brakes replaced and now there's a leak with the transmission. There is also other havoc afoot but that is quick and easy to with. However with all of this crap going on I'm not in bad spirits. I'm still creating and I've got some fantastic things to reveal that takes my steampunk work into another direction and on top of that I've found a use for nearly all of my parts which means no waste! Not that I waste things anyways because I initially know that everything has its use it's just a matter of finding it ;)
Other shop news is that the spiked hair sticks will be making a comeback! I've finally got my hands on more hair stick bases for those guys and I'm in the process of making them.
I'm also planning on getting a dremel soon for drilling holes in metal which will up the bar on my creations =D
So i closing lots of craziness but I look forward to updating the Wenchie's Sacred Relics shop soon as well as updating the banners in both of my shops and making this blog look like something.

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