Thursday, January 29, 2009


Yesterday my playing with the dremel to drill metal was halted due to the jury duty run around and today I was determined to get my drill on. Much to my dismay that will, yet again, be put off. My drilling has been thwarted by a little fella called Collet! Now Mr. Collet is very useful if not crucial for use with Mr. Dremel unless he's the wrong size. Which is my big D'oh moment of the day/week of drilling attempts. As you see in the pic above my triumph in getting my metal drill bits and the 2, too large, collets that came with my dremel. So many things to learn about my new friend Mr. Dremel, and metals within my household are spared for yet another day V_V.

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Tom Banwell said...

Yeah, I know that one. I keep two different dremels around, each with a different sized collet. Easier than changing the little suckers out every time you change a bit.