Thursday, January 22, 2009


My shop will be closed for the afternoon on Feb 12th because I will be vending at the EALA V-tines Gift Fair. So I won't be adding any brand new items (unless I get a custom order) till after that, cuz' my EA peeps get first dibs.

In other personal news my mother wants to be present for the birth of my child, however I've come to the realization that I really don't want her to be there. Her showing up afterwords is fine. However I have a feeling if she is present I would make her miserable and on top of that I don't want to deal with her. Through out my life I have felt a lack of care or support with my aspirations and abilities from her, although lately she has been better with showing support by purchasing items from my shop and buying me maternity clothes which I appreciate greatly and I understand how she is trying to do better. Its just when it comes to major things like this I can't make a full amends for the past, and on top of that finally telling her about our plan for home birth was met with uneducated opposition from her rather then an openness which is something that annoys me greatly, coming from someone who I wish were more supportive. I know she wants to be there and I feel bad for this realization I've come but I really don't want to tell her up front how I feel because it may hurt her feelings. So I'm kind of torn with to tell or not tell birth and then have her come over.

Anyways to end this post on a lighter note here's some random useless knowledge:
Mineral Oil and Pertoleum Jelly are byproducts of processing crude oil (There be black gold in them there beauty products)

Lanolin which is commonly used for soothing cracked nipples from breast feeding comes from a fatty/waxy substance that sheep secret from glands on to their wool. (sorry not vegan friendly)


Anonymous said...

Please follow your heart and do whatever you feel right about when it comes to your child's birth (congrats!) I wanted my Mom at the births of my sons and went along with my husband's wishes to not have her there. It is not something I dwell on but I do regret not following my heart.

Wenchie said...

I totally understand