Thursday, August 21, 2008


I now have an idea of what bulimia feels like as since yesterday I have been unable to keep food down. Liquids are ok if taken slowly and same with the soy yogurt I've been having in the morning. I despise vomiting and I don't like the fact that it comes with being pregnant. Also so far I've been the only one able to pack for the move as Jason has been really busy this week, and the packing is not going very fast with the way I'm feeling. This is just a really crappy situation.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We're Moving

Thats right we're moving a lengthy 4 miles from our current one bedroom place in the Palisades to a spacious 2 bedroom place in Santa Monica a decent area just not quite as nice as the Palisades of which I shall miss =( but the new place is in walking/biking distance from the places we frequent. This move will take place next weekend so sending out orders may take a bit more time.
Moving while I'm still in the first trimester is harsh and the packing of my supplies and product is going slow. I still have a bunch of items to list mainly watch movements for sacred supplies. I did however, get three creations up in my regular shop:

Earthly Pendant

Sultry Rose Brooch

Bell Flowers

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ultrasound pic

Ultrasound pic
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Click on the pic to see a bigger version.
This is the picture from the first ultrasound, the forming baby is in the red ring I drew in, and we could even see the little flutter of a heart beat which was very cool.

Today the morning sickness was too much and I vommed today has been by far the worst with the morning sickness and I had to get a nausea prescription which is something usually used for cancer patients but works for morning sickness as well. I'm also supposed to take a break on my prenatal vitamins, of which I have ordered natural organic ones that should be gentler on the tummy. and are less expensive then the prescribed ones.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Slow Going

I managed to get a few movements up on my supply shop Sacred Supplies, Other them that nothing. =( I've been hit with the morning sickness and a sinus infection which leaves me feeling nauseous and air headed all day. On top of this we're going to be moving soon, actually at the end of the month so things will be even slower during that time. It's really aggravating not being able to get anything done. Anyways yesterday I had the first appt with the obgyn and with the ultrasound got to see the little flutters of a heart beat with the baby. I got pics and I will get around to posting them um sometime. It's pretty crazy and brings this to a whole new level of reality.
Well I'm off to try to feel better.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I will get some items up in both of my shops this week I have been feeling exhausted and blagh because of being pregnant but supposedly this should be subsiding soon. I've also been busy with the pregnancy stuff trying to find a ob-gyn that is more holistic minded which sadly is tough to find. Today I spent the day cleaning the stove. I cook almost every night and it hasn't been cleaned for well over a year so it was quite a mess. Also I cleaned the bathroom which I didn't even finish before feeling extreamly exhausted because I don't have an adequate brush for cleaning out the grout as I have an old tooth brush that I've re-purposed for cleaning.
I also had a great chat with Kieu today and we whined at each other for about an hour =P.
Other good news is that I have items back from the lost wax technique class and I'm working on finishing them to a nice mirrored polish before I post pics of them ^_^

I also need to begin getting super serious about the business side of things and keeping precise track of expenses and such which I am terrible at, such is the burden of the artist =(.

Other news is that Jason and I may be moving within the end of this month to a two bedroom place so I have a bunch of items to try to sell and get packed organized ect.
I'm so busy for feeling like I'm not doing much. I hate having my shop upkeep prowess thrown off by this =/

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Brix is a Jerk!

Pirate Brix
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Yes the terror of the high seas (household) created quite a commotion on his luxurious and relaxing vacation at the California Cat Center, while Jason and I were off in New York celebrating our mother's birthday (actually my mother-in-law but she awesome so I prefer to drop the in-law part) and that I'm pregnant.
So back on the terror for the first time he decided to attack a woman for the first time at the Cat Center and bit her pretty dang hard too I'm very thankful that she did not have to get stitches but Brix has reached infamous bastard status and did this for no apparent reason either. So I need to contact his previous owner and try to get his vaccination records =/ that poor woman. He has bitten and is usually only aggressive with men so this really sucks and there are a ton of health concerns for being bitten by a cat as they harbor some very harmful bacteria ect in their mouths, but the owners of the California Cat Center are very gracious women and are willing to give him one more chance at the original Van Nuys location. Of course he had to be reported to the state as with any aggressive animal and we have to do a rabies quarantine on him.