Thursday, May 28, 2009

Green Baby Bargains gift cert giveaway! is still one of the best kept secrets on the web! I have loved all of the products I've gotten through this site which range from clothes to bottles and many other things. They are always around 50% off or more, fortunate for me they take paypal so I don't have to ask the hubbys permission before I buy these goodies ;P Also they ship super fast which always puts a smile on my face! Right now they are having a $50 certificate giveaway so click here to enter today is the last day!

Thanks to Hyla of Green Earth Journey for showing me this site and a big congrats to her having a beautiful new baby girl!


Hyla said...

Dont know how I missd this butI did! Thanks for posted! I gave you a link back from my site also!


ricky said...


Thanks for the useful information.

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