Monday, May 11, 2009

I need a massage!

Sorry updates have not been happening the past week or two and this week seems that it may be no different. I've been busy so busy in fact that today I actually took a nap which is impossible for me to do unless I am completely drained. I haven't taken an afternoon nap since the first week Solace was born, and I was running on very little sleep for the past week in prep for vending at an event and hanging with the family that flew in town over the weekend. I just feel bad because I feel like I didn't have a chance to enjoy spending time with them, working the event and lack of sleep =/
Anyways, today I got Solace her birth cert and I was able to get to the Monday Mommie movie at the Pacific Theatre in the Grove it was Star Trek which was a really great movie I really enjoyed it! Then afterwords I headed to Mani's bakery to get food to go then the grocery store and home to promptly pass out for a few hours before making dinner. Tomorrow I have a bunch of errands to run around town and a couple of appts going on the rest of this week in addition to taking inventory of what was sold at the event so I can get my shop out of vacation mode. I did really well at the event and made the most I have ever made in a day so I am pretty happy about that =D

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