Sunday, May 11, 2008

How Inconvenient

So last night I got a piece of crappy metal plating in my eye I couldn't get it out so I slept on it to let my eye work it out naturally but that didn't remove it either. So this morning I had to miss church and go to the ER to get the thing removed (it was lodged in my eyelid but at a spot where it didn't scratch my eye, thank God for that) to make it to my mother's place for celebrating mother's day. Fortunately the UCLA ER is awesome and they took care of things fast, gave me a tetanus shot, my eye still hurts but I don't have s tiny flake of metal jabbing it from my eyelid.
I hate crappy plated metal partly because if you just slightly bend it the plating turns into dust and pops off of the metal(like it did into my eye). Also it wears down way to easily dealing with having to go to the ER just makes me hate it more as I try my best to go with quality products that last a long time substances are just out right crap. I know I'm a jewelry designing snob but now I need to get me some goggles and you bet they will either be steampunk or cyber goth/punk.

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