Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cryptic for now

This is a big week in all aspects from the multitude of creative dealings to finally making a solid decision on what I push myself into next. I feel like I'm taking over the world in a way. I'm finally breaking through the confines of my subconscience fear of success and heading into the vast unknown due to my nature I am almost certian to succeed. It feels like several pieces in a puzzle are coming together all at once.
Ok so enough with the fluffy writing I've got some exciting things going on right now which will be touched upon in depth once they are fulfilled. Other than that I'm making things like the mad crafter that I am, and I'm totally focused in getting these items out of my head and on to etsy. Which has led to blog neglect but it's worth it for now my goal for the week it to have 80 items listed. YATA!