Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Seven Items and More Interesting things

Today was utilized in the completion of seven items six of which are the long awaited steampunk style ones (which were sitting around waiting for supplies to arrive) and one is sorta neo-victorian. I will be getting all of these up tomorrow and perhaps even finish the next chastity in chains necklace and get that up as well in addition to that I just remembered that I have another version of spiked earrings to put up too. Geeze I've been busy in the past few days.
Also the steampunk petite locket is a hit and I plan on making more of those little guys and perhaps one for me too ^_^ but I dunno.
Going on with the conscious stream of thought writing....I had to remove the Pulchritudinous Gear Pendant because I can't find it at the moment =(

Now on the other interesting things...
I was farting around with the Geolocator thinggy on etsy and the only other person listed in my area is a person who lives in my apartment complex and has taken pics showing an outside wall of my apt (how scandalous =P). She also has three kitties and I sent her a convo on the site. It's pretty amusing how things are funny like that.
This is all for now oh and I shall leave you with a sneak peek at one piece:

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