Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Concept in progress

Lately I've been on a wing kick, which promptly followed the chain tassel fad, and I had a winged hair stick concept floating around in the synapses of the right side of my brain. Then today in my wanderings of Santa Monica (did you know there's a farmers market there today...I didn't) I did happen upon 2 top drilled metal bats waiting for me to snatch them up calling and beaconing me to complete my winged hair stick concept and that with their help I have.
They should be on etsy by tomorrow I so excited I want a pair for myself but there were literally only 2 bats there and on top of that I have cleaned out the places that sell my hair stick base =( I may have to lacquer some of the plain ones myself but that makes the price go up =(

A Sneak Peek at the Bats

^^v^^ <--- It's a bat


Elda said...

Hi there,

I love these bat-hairsticks so much but I can't by them on Etsy ... I'm from Belgium and I haven't any creditcard ... Is there any other possibility for me to buy them from you? ... I can only send the money to your bank-account ...

I really love them so much!


Wenchie said...

There are too many international scams dealing with purchases in this way, however if you could give the money to a friend for them to use their credit card or paypal account then they can purchase these for you.

I wish you were local or that I'd be going out there soon, Belgium is one top places to visit ^_^