Thursday, April 10, 2008

Today is Today

Let me start with saying I love the Dattebayo trolls the HDTV Bleach is awesome.

Now on the real stuff, today I cleaned up a bit and swept under the couch but because I dropped a whole strand of pearls mixed with sterling silver spacers which made me cry and then clean. Fortunately I found all of the sterling silver spacers and missed a few pearls somewhere =( but the floor is nicely swept.
The bat topped hair sticks can now be seen on etsy and getting the ring up is a pain because for some reason purples do not come out well with the camera and correcting the color is a nightmare because I have terrible color perception, (which makes me wonder how I manage to paint with colors, then again I do stick with vibrant colors) but it will be up once I can figure that out.
The things I'm working on today are a different color of vintage lucie flower hair sticks. I bought some more dye and they have been dyed a bright blue. Also right when I was running out of my supply of these guys (I only have one more pair of flowers after these blue ones) I happened across some more yesterday. The other item I'm working on deals with the strand that was dropped and it is a lovely necklace with my second attempt at using crimps; the first attempt was 10+ years ago. SO as I'm making this necklace I'm being super careful and over cautious with the crimps and crimp covers with which I'm using dainty amounts of glue to make sure they are totally secure because I really don't like things breaking or sitting wrong ect. Being a perfectionist is quite a burden V_V. Also with in the typing of this I came up with a bracelet to match the necklace so sometime in the near future I must visit beads beads.

I hope that my babbleings did not hurt someone's brain today as it seems to be all over the place.

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