Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Good and the Bad

I'm stuck in Orange making pendants, sales and getting my car worked on. The bad thing is that my car has been way over due for a tune up and I had fuel leaks 2 fuel leaks and a ball bearing that was about to release my front left tire in a crash of highly dangerous glory combine wheel falling off with fuel leak and I most likely would have had a car explosion (SCARY.) Needless to say I'm getting everything taken care of since I'm only in orange a few times a year and the only car mechanics I trust (Titan Automotive) are out here. So the price for the repairs is $850 (YIKES) but compared to the places out in LA it is a great deal. Also I had no idea as to how I was going to pay for the repairs until I got some checks in the mail yesterday (Kieu Family and I went to Lancaster to see the poppy flowers and stopped off at my place to feed the cats and get the mail on the way back.)
So everything has worked out in an unplanned but more than a coincidently manner funny how these things happen.

Now on to the marvelous inspirations and creations!
So my latest fancies have been wings then for a brief time rings and now I give you ringed wings!

I am a mad crafter and proud about it!

So the latest creations are angels in rings as earrings and pendants, these stunning ringed dragonfly earrings. Then I had extra rings and some recycled jewelry crosses and I made ringed crosses =D

I'm also working on my pearl necklace with the crimps but I will most likely change the clasp =( and shorten it to make it more of a choker length.

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