Saturday, April 26, 2008

Etsy Highlight: My Favorite Supply Seller

I love to experiment with jewelry, which is often creating something completely new or outright unique. Recently I have been sucked into the buyer mode addiction on Etsy which has further pushed me to experimenting with some very unique and usually vintage supplies. These are items that I've only found through the supply sellers on Etsy.
I look for supply sellers that sell vintage items because of my love for the unique and hard to find parts. I love vintage items because there seems to be more integrity with the quality of the work put into the piece, it has a nice rustic look or a lovely natural patina sheen.
The first thing I look for in supply sellers are the images. If it is one thing I value the most with being Etsy Tutored by Kieutiepie is that you need to take pics that view every angle of a piece. With supplies this is crucial because I need to know what it is that I'm getting since I can't see it first hand. Supply sellers who consistently do this are on the top of my list.
The second thing I look for is what the camera can't capture, a good description of the part. This is when a seller becomes a true sales person. What is the object made out of? What are the measurements? What style is the piece? Why should I buy this item? Also some sellers like to include what the item can be used for which is something that should be included in the descriptions as a selling point.
The first supply store I've purchased from which fits the bill precisely is Epoch Beads with great photos,fantastic descriptions, well priced items and shipping, super friendly, and most of all a sleuth at finding unique vintage items. Also with all of that that Epoch Beads hard work with images and descriptions has really paid off and shows with a whopping total of nearly 14,000 sales in only one year.
Below are picks of my favorite items from Epoch Beads.

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