Saturday, April 19, 2008

Flying Cars and Almond Butter Together At Last...
Yes the people from Moller International are leading the charge for an environmentally friendly flying car but something more accessible than that at the moment is their amazing heirloom certified-organic almond butter.

As the story goes (which they used to have up on the moller website) Paul Moller knew that creating the flying car was going to take a life time of work so be began to do longevity studies and ended up at almonds. However for the almonds to be effective you have to eat a large amount or have it crushed into almond butter were as you are eating "22 whole kernels in one oz." So the Mollers researched almond butters "We have also found after studying the process of making almond butter that organic or otherwise, it is generally made from almond remnants and bulk producing varieties. This sounded to us like a poor recipe for what could be a premium product." And thus Quail Oaks Ranch began mainly for them but as with any good product they could not keep it to themselves so they began selling it. Quail Oaks Ranch is still a small operation with Jennifer Moller taking care of most of it as well as doing other things for Moller International.

Upon trying their almond butter compared to other leading organic-certified brands it is really better in balance of flavor to the light addition of sea salt and the almond chunks in their chunky style almond butter. The flavor is robust not dry, as the Whole Foods fresh crushed almond butter tends to be, and the sea salt adds a prefect amount of salt to the natural sweetness of the almonds. I highly recommend the chunky version as the creamy tends to be a little thin, which is my only dislike with this product but it could have been batch specific. My other dislike is that they went from glass containers to plastic but this is my personal preference of glass over plastic.
At the moment they have the creamy and chunky styles and are planning to have a raw variety, but they could use some feedback so they know there is an interest for it. So this review has made me remember to order more as my almond butter supply has run out, for more info on this product check out

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