Monday, April 28, 2008

I've fallen

For steampunk..... so this is the thing that I am currently obsessed with now, however it may be more then just a fad. I am really enjoying playing with the broken clock/watch machinery bits and pairing them with lovely vintage or vintage looking pieces of filigree and other embellishments. I love to make one of a kind pieces and this is the greatest outlet for that whim. It's almost like painting a picture or, for a better analogy, putting together a wearable collage. When creating these pieces it's almost like they create themselves where as pieces fit perfectly only with very specific pieces. For example I've had a brooch waiting for the perfect piece to finish as the focal and today I got in my supplies from Epoch Beads with some amazing consolation pieces (OMG I love her!!!) anyways one of the extras was a unique vintage plastic heart that just so happened to fit perfectly as the focal so now that item can be completed. I have been racking my brain for weeks trying to place something as the focal and the focal comes by pure chance (it really seems more than just by chance).
Along with my supplies from Epoch Beads (I would so give her a hug if I could) I received my supplies from Just Peachy Designs another really nice seller that I adore and got a really cute hand made box from her as a thank you gift (which I shall order more and perhaps use for packaging as promo for her shop). Back on to the topic at hand I got gears little and large a purely wonderful mix and several of them have already been used to finally finish some pieces a key pendant which will be set on rolo chain and a clover pendant.
I finally finished another steampunk necklace which was awaiting my trip to the Bead Source for some rolo chain and a clasp (Gasp it's amazing I love it but it must be sold)and tomorrow I shall finally finish the brooch. For tomorrow I also need to make another Chastity in chains necklace I've been flaking on the wire-wrapping.

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