Thursday, February 5, 2009

About Work

These are not yet complete but I just had to show them off.
Sorry but these are not for sale, until I decide to go through the process of making more. These bad boys, for the time being, are my fancy little work goggles comprised of hand hammered into shape military wings (I'm not a wiz with the metals yet so I use brute force rather then a torch and pickle and I don't have proper studio space for such fun useful things). The other parts are hack sawed screws and brass carpet spikes (recycle reuse).

The things I still have to add are more screw heads and then brass clips for securing the extra portions of the elastic straps.

The next item I want to show off is a wire wrapped dragonfly that took me a little while to flush out the concept and work it into the final sterling silver design. Overall I think it turned out pretty well and I will be making more of these eventually.


Hyla said...

Both are beautiful pieces!

Wenchie said...

would you prefer the dragonfly to the butterfly? It's a bit scratched since it's the prototype though.