Monday, February 16, 2009


Last week was awesome having my best friend Kieu aka Kieutiepie on Etsy over from Weds to Sat. On Thursday was the V-tines Day gift fair at EA of which the gift fairs are well set up by Staci G. and attended by the peeps at EA. It's a great event to boost moral and help put those on "crunch time" to be reminded, and get something for their temporary neglected significant other. While at the fair Kieutiepie and I met another etsyian named Magic aka ChaoticHappy on etsy who runs the etsy shop with his wife and makes a fun eclectic assortment of plush zombies and other unique items. Here's a pic of Kieu at Magic's table

And this is a pic of me with a customer at the table Kieu and I shared.

Other then that we ended up being pretty busy with her short term testing job at Activision, the wonderful gift fair at EA, and with Jason hiring Kieu to do data entry for this big Final Cut Server Event he's putting on. So needless to say we had very limited time to fart around playing video games or make jewelry, however having her here made it a great valentines day being with the two people I cherish the most in my life.
For the most part Jason and I don't really celebrate v-tines day but we had sushi (cooked only for me of course) and then later that evening stayed home and watched "Day Watch" the sequel to "Night Watch" both of which are fantastic movies to come out of Russia and you have to watch it subtitled because of the artistic innovation used in the titles. I'm also glad that Timur is now working on the third one (Twilight Watch) as I heard rumor that it was not going to happen.

Anyways photoshop has crapped out on me, I know why I'm just not saying why and it will be resolved in a month or (groan) longer which really puts a damper on listing new items. So far I've been farting around with GIMP and it's really nice for a free program but it really messes the quality of the photos or I just can't figure out how to get it to output the same quality as PS. Anyways adding new items is going to be a pain as I may have to migrate from my PC to a mac G4 but perhaps I could use this to my advantage and swipe my hubbys G5 and use the Cannon 50D in the process.
Anyways I have more supplies to list in my Sacred Supplies shop I give you brass adjustable ring blanks!

These are so much better then the ones I've gotten before as they are solid brass, very comfortable to wear, and they have a nice ridged design going around the band and the band ends under the glue pad so it looks seamless. These were a great find for me and I will be switching to using them after I finish with the other adjustable ring blanks which require sanding to make them comfortable.
Anyways I'm fighting off an impending sinus infection V_V so now I shall nap till it's time to make dinner.

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KieutiePie said...

It was awesome! I miss you!