Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Things of today

I had my midwife appointment today and things are all good the only thing is that the baby has not turned yet but that's not too much of an issue till my next visit. Which if she hasn't turned by then, I've got exercises to do to make her turn. Anyways yoga helps out with that too so I need to join a class by next week to help with that and the ever on going hip cramps. Also another thing that Mary Lou (my midwife) brought to my attention was potty training infants which I think is cost effective and eco friendly by not wasting water on washing cloth diapers or putting disposables in landfills. Really if a kitten can use a litter box why can't we teach an infant to use a toilet? Are we really dumber then a kitten as infants as toddlers? I would pray not, and the people who do that prove it.
Since I'm on an eco kick right now I'll go into a few of my ambitions with the home front. I really want to start composting since I cook nearly every day and with the rinds and extra bits going in the trash I feel bad because it can go for good use and on top of that it stinks up the house when the trash is opened. The biggest issue it that I don't have space outside to compost things so I'm looking into getting a NarureMill electric composter

I also want to start a little garden on my balcony for that compost to go to good use. Now for those who know me I have quite the brown thumb =( but for some crazy reason I think I can do this with the baby in the household. For starters I'm not going to be growing from seeds but I'm going to buy young "organically" grown plants from a new seller that I spied the other week when I went to the Saturday Santa Monica farmers market off of the 3rd Street Promenade. So the things I want to start growing are peas, blueberry's, tomatoes, and garlic. Then I'll move on to lemon and avocado trees, carrots, potatoes, and work on growing other things from seeds. Most of this push to make my brown thumb green is because of several agendas first being that I want to start juicing and growing ones own produce is highly cost effective since it takes a lot to make a little juice. My other agenda is that I think its a good thing to invest in my child's future by being able to teach her practical and useful knowledge like this. My third agenda is with the major corporation pushed consumerism mentality which is horrid for the environment.
Anyways I shall leave you with and image of fresh baked vegan chocolate chip banana bread!


FetishGhost said...

mmmmmmm. banana bread

Hyla said...

oh, that looks soooooo tasty! Have you seen nomadneedles.etsy for worm composting?

Wenchie said...

Nice that seems much better as it doesn't use electricity, I love pets (even if they are bugs) and I think it would be great for the kid to be. Thanks for the tip Hyla!

Hyla said...

I thought you might like that, since it is electricity free!

Wenchie said...

Plus kids love worms! I have some research to do on that, and then work on convincing the hubby to allow worms in the apt, as he really hates bugs =(