Saturday, April 11, 2009

Getting adjusted

Today was my first lone outing with Solace and the drive to downtown went smoothly. However after parking and getting the stroller set up I then tried to attach the car seat to the adapters that attach to the stroller and it clicked in but it didn't look right. I had the adapters backwards and now they were stuck to the car seat and wouldn't release. Flustered panic mode set in as I can't get the car seat back into the car without removing the adapters which were now stuck to the car seat! I take Solace out of the car seat and lay her on the floor mat then I turn the car seat upside down to try to pull the suckers off and they don't budge. I remember that my husbands tools are in the car so I grab the tool bag and find the longest flat head screwdriver to pop off the latch which doesn't work. I ten getting more frantic call the husband who's only solution was to break them off (cringe) which wouldn't work because that would break the handle of the car seat too making it rather useless. Then Solace decides to wake up and start crying while I'm on the phone and trying to pry the latch off at the same time but since it was latched wrong there was no way to pop off the latch because there was no slack to do so. After getting off the phone with the hubby I bend out the plastic a bit to get a better view and I realize that I can slide the latch off to the side which works! I thank God and pull the first adapter off and I hit myself in the face with it because I used too much force to get it off and yup it left a mark and will most likely bruise up.

I had better luck with the second adapter and I finally get it attached to the car seat correctly and then to the stroller and pick up the crying Solace and comfort her before putting her in the stroller. Disaster resolved! I head to my destination which is Bergers Beads and Solace attracts all sorts of attention cause shes cute, petite and Asian women (who pretty much run the store) adore her beautiful nose. I start getting my supplies and Solace wakes up and starts crying again the ladies can tell that she hungry and graciously let me breastfeed her in a secluded corner of the store! How friggin cool is that! Mad respect for the staff at Bergers Beads! This made my day and Solace's as well because she didn't have to wait till I was back at the car for boob-juice! After getting the rest of my supplies at Bergers I head to my other stops where the now sleeping Solace gets even more attention by the time I was done Solace started crying again but fell asleep on the way back to the car so I didn't wake her. Then I had to get some grocery shopping done at trader joes fortunately she remained asleep for that and finally woke up once we got home.
So overall doing an outing with the baby is like being permanently handcuffed to someone you are tied to this precious little being escaping the cuteness is futile. Anyways I'm exhausted and I need to muster up the perseverance to work outings more successfully.


. c h o k l i t . said...

Brave mama! Good job - it'll get easier each time, hopefully!

Hyla said...

You'll get there, Im not going to say it gets easier with more than one.............but one gets easier.

VictoriaC said...

Oh my! I hope you were able to hold it together - I'm sure I would have been crying right along with the baby! I'm glad everything worked out in the end.

Wenchie said...

I did cry a bit