Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Solace at 3 weeks

Easter was an interesting day where I realized that anything I want to do depends on what Solace wants to do. I wanted to go to church and she wanted to eat, I wanted to get to my mother's house by 1pm and we left at about 2pm because Solace once again wanted to eat right when we were ready to walk out the door. Anyways we did capture a pic of the Easter bunny

Yeah I did that pic up Anne Geddes style :D here's a few more pics of the little bunny in her Haba Dream Meadow

Yesterday was officially 3 weeks for our baby girl and to celebrate we went on a 2 mile walk! (actually I needed to go to the post office) Solace did really well with the walk so a piedi is the way to go for me to get out of the house and feel a sense of my freedom. Also yesterday Jason took me out to all you can eat sushi at Midori which was delightful being able to have raw fish again (this is what makes me the heathen vegan I can't get fish out of my diet especially when it's raw!) The only limitations on sushi still lies with the mercury so I couldn't have all of my favorites which will have to wait till Solace is weaned :(


Hyla said...

Awww, so cute!!!!! Great lighting! Always let someone know you will be 30 hour to an hour late from here on out. I am!

Tell them if you want me here by 3pm tell me to come at 1:30-2:00

Wenchie said...

Some very sage advice!

ArtSnark said...

adorable pics