Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bringing in the new

"Bring out the ol' bring in the new" strangly one of my fave lines from The Hudsucker Proxy <---I love that movie<

Here's the scoop on the new items click on their images to visit the listing in the shop:
Rosebud Steamworks Bracelet

Since the earrings were so popular (and I have no more matching french hook ear wires in stock to make more)I made a bracelet which I tested for two days first without the watch gears then with them in.

The Gentleman's Tie Tack Lapel Pin

I really love how this one turned out, the texture of the button reminds me of a lizard skin texture and something for a refined yet adventurous gent. I used one of the left over button portions from the Industrial Gape Leaves earrings, and then topped that with another metal victorian button then a watch gear.

Gear Simplicity Tie Tack Lapel Pin

This was one of those pieces that made it's self where as the gear fit perfectly in the crevice with a little gentle hammering after I removed the top section of the 2 part vintage plastic button. Then I secured the screw head(from a broken clock I dismantled)upon the top.

So there you have it more items will be up later today!

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