Saturday, July 26, 2008

Welcome to my Insanity: Symmetry vs. The Watch works

Ladies Bondale pocket watch face
Originally uploaded by ye wenchie

There is something wrong with the roman numerals on this watch face and it tugged at my intrigue so much so that I had to see with this is all about. What is the problem you may ask, I shall put it simply! The representation of the roman numeral four is wrong! Instead of the correct numeral representation IV it is IIII which seems quite self-centered if you ask me ;)~
Moving on with this simple problem there is a simple and positively compelling reason behind this numeral treason that is based in artistic aesthetic of symmetry. Which is something that compels or restrains me in my own works of art. The four represented as IIII balances the dial with the eight VIII because eight is the heaviest numeral or the numeral containing the most strokes which would set the symmetry of the dial off "balance." Thus the four has taken up the slack in restoring the balance, and to tell you the truth I would have done the same thing!

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