Wednesday, July 2, 2008


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I've totally phailed, failed so bad it's spelled with a ph! Well my efforts to being productive have been halted at every turn.
I finally finished my acting resume and found out that my hubby took the usb cable to the printer so I had to spend 20 minutes combing through our disaster area of an apartment to find one which I did! So I got them all printed and the stapler we have is retarded so I have to calk it like a shotgun each time I make a staple with was 40 times 4 staples on ten sheets of resume + headshot. Mind you the hours of the agency are wonky so at that point I'm running low on time.
I got the shotgun stapleness completed and run around like a psycho in a padded room to get everything together to nail out a bunch of tasks today. I get out to my car and there's a nice little puddle underneath. I proceed to set down my items and inspect the leakage it's anti-freze the nice green stuff that animals like to kill themselves with because it's sweet. I proceed to my apt grab kitty litter so no animals attempt to drink the stuff ( plain clay kitty litter is great for cleaning up oil vomit and other nasty chemical spills =D ). Back at my car I shake the litter al over the puddle, unlocked the hood checked the radiator hoses which one could be tightened as there is the slightest hint of a leak at the top, then I got down as low as possible because I'm dressed nicely but in black so it's not too big of a deal. and noticed the lovely green anti freeze seeping from the while bottom of my radiator yes my dear friends I most likely have a crack in the sucker. My plans are crushed and my bank account is looking pretty bleak.
Needless to say this day is a frustration fest, but I’ve had worse days and I still being productive with other things and last night I uploaded more items to my supply shop so I may get a few in my regular shop today but I'm not to sure about that now.

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