Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Adventures of a Haphazard Handywoman #1

I've decided to start posting on some useful things that just about anyone can do around the house. Some of the handy remedies I've stumbled upon with creativity and others I've done a bit of research, anyways these should be jolly good reads!

Problem: That plastic wall anchor ain't anchoring no more!

I recently came into this problem with the left side of the toilet paper holder. The dry wall (frail plaster-like wall surface) had eroded around the plastic anchor of the screws. So I removed the left side of the tp holder (there was a teeny tiny screw that needed to be unscrewed in the inner part close to the wall) and yanked the plate out of the wall which is not a thing you should do! I'm haphazard so you don't have to be =D unscrew the screws and gently remove the anchors. Anyways above you can see the blue plastic wall anchors on the screws in the plate and the nice big worn holes in the dry wall.

Next I measured the holes they were about half an inch in diameter which means I can't just go and place another drywall anchor in those, so I had to come up with something different.

Solution: Toggle Bolts!

You may have seen these guys if you ever installed a hook for a hanging plant or one of those old school lamps with the chain. These guys are tough and in this case a life saver! Buy the appropriate sized toggle bolt, ones that will fit in the holes without having to do mire damage to it, and the correct screw that goes with those toggle bolts.

Put the screws through the plate and thread the toggle bolts on with a few twists as depicted above.

Now here's the hardest part clamp the toggle bolt in half so you can get it into the wall, if the bolt is a bit too big use a flat head screwdriver to shave off a bit more of the wall by pressing in with it or rotating it in the hole so you don't damage that nice paint job.

Once you get the bolt(s) in the wall pull a little on the plate or screw so you create some tension to tighten the screw.

Now get the screw(s) secure and not wobbling in the wall you are set!
Here's the end result:

a toilet paper holder that does it's job!

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Tom Banwell said...

Hurrah for the handywoman and her toggle bolts! You know, Molly screws are named for a woman.