Thursday, March 19, 2009

I didn't expect to be so busy!

So blogging is general is backlogged I have a lot of things to post which are sitting on the back-burner for now. Things that have taken up my time are that we got a new car upon the discovery that the Impending Baby's car seat would not fit in the Mini which is our primary vehicle! Needless to say our over powered John Cooper Works packaged go cart Mini is gone. We now have the Blue Turtle a brand new 08 Honda CR-V.

Sadly I didn't get my 4 wheel drive which makes this SUV a mere UV. But I still have the Jeepness Of Fury (94 Jeep Wrangler) to meet my simplistic rugged 4x4 needs. BTW it made me very sad when I told people about us getting a new car and they all thought I gave up the Jeep Wrangler =( which is the car I've always wanted and when I spied this ol oxidized paint covered built up leaky wrangler at the corner of the lot in the big Annual Anaheim stadium car sales event about 7 years ago, I had to have it! So seeing that it was a bit of an underdog I got a warranty on it that more then paid for its self and shes had issues here and there but nothing really super major (although the tranny may need to be rebuilt soon =( ) However parts for this vehicle are plentiful and it takes less labor for it as it's so simple to work on compared to most cars today. So that's why I love my car roll up windows oxidized paint and all!

Alright so I've gotten off track! Other things that have been going on is the acquisition and organization of baby stuff that are necessary but remained neglected from our registries. As well as acquiring the birthing supplies and performing other preparations for giving birth at home.
I will try to keep up on things this week as the real countdown has started which is scary! So yeah things are getting interesting!

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Anonymous said...

oh honey, i was worried you had to give up the jeep... that might have broken my heart... i know how much you love her :O) i love her too! reb