Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Solace is one week old today

The week to me has seems to defy time as I have to focus to figure out what day it is or what events occurred on which days. It doesn't feel like a week progressed but then again it feels like more then a week has gone by, this seems to be what happens when you give birth and are drugged up by the natural hormones trying to balance themselves out and the body recovering from creating a baby in general.

I wanted to highlight a few things from Solaces birth being that it was a home water birth and very few people are familiar with what goes into it. First with any home birth you will need to purchase a birthing kit which can include a varsity of things depending on where you get it from. I got mine through In His Hands Home Birth Supplies which is a Christian based company out of Texas I enjoyed this company as they put in a few thoughtful extras with the kit and everything was packed tightly in a perfectly sized box with no extra packing junk just your supplies I got the deluxe kit which was $38 and they shipped that sucker out pretty fast too.

Above you can see the pool set up in the living room with the Midwife Ashley who works with Mary Lou of The Beach Cities Birth Service Elena who I think is a doula as well as assistant to Ashley and Mary Lou, and Victoria who is an amazing friend that has gone far above and beyond in helping us with the birth and getting adjusted to being parents. Her husband is also an amazing photographer of Rustin Michael Photography and I plan on having him do up some pics of Solace =D
Ok back to the birth stuff, The image above shows the pool which is a La Bassine Birthing Pool that a friend of ours loaned to us, we just had to get a sterile liner and hose to fill the pool. The pools and accessories can be purchased through Your Water Birth.com. The pool looks small but was ample room for me my hubby and the midwife to do her thing! Even though it's a blow-up pool the sides were sturdy for leaning on and no water spilled even with the pool a little over the fill line with the addition of boiling water to keep the water warm.

So that's some of the details here's one more image of our one week old little girl.


Hyla said...

She is sooo beautiful! I wish I could do a water birth this time, but its not in the cards. How is motherhood treating you so far?

. c h o k l i t . said...

Absolutely stunning! I'm so amazed by your birth story and can't wait to hear more details.

More baby pix, more baby pix!

Wenchie said...

so far things are going pretty well and I've only had one bad day due to a lack of sleep.

Hyla said...

You will learn to live on less slee, trust me!